Chef Markus Neff

Chef Markus Neff is our head chef at Waldhotel Fletschhorn.
Markus was born in Bludenz and learned his trade in the Austrian state of Vorarlberg. Markus came to cook at Waldhotel Fletschhorn in 1983, learning from Irma Dütsch, “Chef of the Year” in 1994. After he had learned all he could from her – and more – he took charge of the kitchen in 1989 and became a co-owner of the hotel in 2003.

The top chef cooked up his first Michelin star in 2003. In 2007, he was awarded with 18 Gault Millau points in Switzerland and became Chef of the Year.

“Markus arranges the food in a clear and stringent way that pleases the eye –
there is no unnecessary decoration, nothing that cannot be eaten. While elsewhere, more and more attention is being paid to showmanship and the palette of the superfluous is becoming more and more varied and colourful, in the Fletschhorn, the chef keeps both feet solidly on the ground, he respects his produce and exercises the art of proportion in his own humble but nevertheless confident manner.” Basel, summer 2009

Paul Imhof, Introduction to the Waldhotel Fletschhorn Cookbook.

Maren Müller

Maren came to the Waldhotel Fletschhorn at the age of 22, after her cooking apprenticeship. Originally from Nuremberg, Germany, her fascination for fine dining was fed by Markus Neff who trained her as commis de cuisine.

She then attended the Lausanne Hotel School for four years and went to work for a group of exclusive hotels in Indonesia, Tahiti and Cambodia. But her heart remained at Fletschhorn and she returned to Switzerland in 2003.

Maren loves diversity – life should be exciting, challenging and colourful. She enjoys working in a place she loves with people she cares for, and for guests who become much more than that: friends.

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