The best things in life take time: Mountains carved by glaciers over millennia. Wine matured for decades. Food prepared with patience and dedication. And the trip to Saas-Fee, a remote village in the Swiss Alps with the remarkable Waldhotel Fletschhorn nestled in its forest of pine trees.

This gracious Swiss mountain hotel offers the charms of a country inn joined with the comforts of a contemporary setting and the luxuries of gourmet cuisine. Housed in a 100-year-old lodge, decades of care and preparation have been invested in making the Fletschhorn a place of comfort and care, with a well-trained staff that anticipates every need. Once you arrive at Waldhotel Fletschhorn, you’ll never want to leave.

The Waldhotel Fletschhorn is a place of rest and relaxation, a calm retreat after a day of skiing or walks in the mountains. It’s a place to come alone or with friends, for savoring the natural beauty of the surrounding mountains, for restoring one’s equilibrium with our easy hospitality and lush comforts.

Waldhotel Fletschhorn:  – Alpine Perfection. Complete Perfect Relaxation.


The Waldhotel Fletschhorn is a welcome retreat from life, an intimate, luxurious hotel nestled in Saas-Fee, a car-free Swiss mountain village, where the stresses of the outside world feel distant and remote.

Situated in the Valais region of the Swiss Alps, the Fletschhorn extends the charm and beauty of this remote village, with easy access to the ski slopes and hiking trails, or as a country retreat for enjoying the breathtaking views and fresh air.

Whether relaxing in the warm sun on a veranda, cozying up in the plush comforts of the guestrooms, or enjoying an apertif in the intimate, snug surroundings of the Fletschhorn lobby, the grand beauty of the Swiss Alps are always in view, captivating and enchanting with their raw, natural beauty.

The Fletschhorn offers the perfect vacation, a natural retreat where the days and nights are filled with the best that the world has to offer.


Food is taken seriously at the Fletschhorn and its sister restaurant, Spielboden, situated at the top of one of Saas-Fee’s mountain peaks. Head chef Markus Neff presides over a menu of traditional regional cuisine prepared with the finest ingredients, delivered daily from nearby towns, some of it grown or raised locally.

There are many touches of home at both restaurants, from the breads baked fresh each day and the fruit jams and honey produced from local trees to the dozens of local cheeses served and the white asparagus spears that appear each spring.

Markus avoids extravagance in his food, and instead brings out the innate flavors of each ingredient, whether preparing mussels in their shells or cooking a classic cheese raclette.

At the elegant Michelin-starred Fletschhorn restaurant, dinner is an elegant affair, replete with haute cuisine masterpieces and enhanced by local Swiss wines from the hotel’s 50,000-bottle wine cellar.

Up at Spielboden, the ski slope restaurant, the emphasis is on classic local dishes for hearty lunches, offering a luxurious break from the rigors of the slopes.

The goal is always to encourage modern creatures to go slow, to taste and savor the foods produced by Markus and his staff, and to appreciate the opportunity to savor flavors and tastes unique to the Fletschhorn experience.